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Do You Sense Lonely Places?

I’m working on a supernatural thriller and I’d love if any of you could help. Please pass this on too if you know anyone who would be interested. And please comment on any or all of the questions. Thanks!

Do you ever have the sensation of places being uncomfortable without a logical reason. I mean not just a desolate landscape, but any place, anywhere, even large urban areas.

Have you ever looked at a place and felt discomfort, wrongness or that is seems lonely-sometimes described as feeling out of place or disjointed from surrounding areas?

Have you ever felt there was something more to a place you saw or were near- almost as if it existed on more than level?

Have you ever seen a place in passing that had no appearance of neglect or decay, barrenness, or anything sinister, but it gave you a shiver?

Have you ever had these feelings about someplace unlikely like a large corporate office or an otherwise warm and friendly appearing cafe?

Have you ever felt a lonely place in one area or part of a larger space such as one room or even a part of a room in a building, or part of a street, or like under one tree in a park?

Have you ever had to be around a lonely space regularly?

Have you ever taken any action on your feelings, such as changing the way you would normally travel to avoid one?

Have you ever been aware of a lonely space in your own home? And did you do anything to try to “fix” the lonely space such as placing pictures, objects that had meaning for you, or encouraging people to be in that space? What happened when you did that?

Have you ever observed someone else having a reaction to a lonely place without previous discussion or knowledge?

Have you ever been afraid of a lonely place?

Has a lonely place ever begun to be part of your dreams?

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  1. karlabryant answered: One place that unnerved me so much I had to leave was Chepstow Castle in Wales. I have no idea what events transpired there,but horrible site
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