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Here's What Your Favorite Television Writers Make

"Sticker shock aside, there are a few major takeaways from the numbers below—but before we dive into the numbers, it’s important to remember that these numbers are simply minimums. Savvy agents will negotiate a far higher payday for their clients, both on their weekly salaries as well as their rate for writing a specific episode. The minimums are also far closer to the actual payday for staff writers, but once you get to a level higher than staff writer (story editor, executive story editor, producer, etc.), the minimum amount of payment is far lower than what you’ll generally be paid: they solely exist to prevent a network from lowballing a writer far below their paygrade."

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Ten People Who Didn’t “Make It” Till Their 30′s

"For whatever reason, the big 3 – 0 always seems to be the milestone that anyone under the age dreads. Have a career by thirty, have a family by thirty, have money by thirty, be happy by thirty… Setting this biological or financial timeline for ourselves only creates unnecessary pressure. “If you’re gonna do it, you’re gonna do it!” As someone said. Take it from these ten below, who didn’t technically “make-it” into well into, or past their thirties…"

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Geena Davis' Two Easy Steps to Make Hollywood Less Sexist

The actress and founder of her namesake Institute on Gender in Media cites data showing that there are three male characters for every speaking female in family-rated films: “We are in effect enculturating kids from the very beginning to see women and girls as not taking up half of the space.”

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